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My name is Danielle Keller Aviram. I am a sustainable researcher analyst, a jewelry designer and a maker. Growing up in a creative environment I tried my way in different fields such as music and dancing. However, my love for crafting and passion for technology lead me eventually to the field of Jewelry Design. I graduated from a Jewelry Design degree in 2012 while doing an internship in M&S and after working for 5 years as an independent jewelry designer. In 2017 I moved to Berlin to pursue an M.A in the field of sustainability focusing on the luxury jewelry supply chain. I believe my combination of skills and knowledge in design, crafts but also sustainability and research are unique.

Working for 5 years as independent Jewelry designer was an amazing experience and I learned so many things involving how to run a business but I felt something was missing.  My lack of awareness to the supply chain

and the origins of the materials I used really bothered me. This is what led me to a Masters Degree in the field of sustainability focusing on the luxury jewelry supply chain and the implementation of sustainable practices within the industry. The most meaningful and satisfying part of my thesis was analyzing the sustainable performance of 15 of the biggest luxury jewellery brands in the world. This was especially interesting in light of the many interviews I conducted with people from the industry. I believe there is a way to be sustainable without compromising important values such as exquisite materials, highly skilled craftsmanship, impeccable service and a unique shopping experience.

This is why in the past years I have been doing research and consulting projects focusing on susatinable jewelry and fashion, doing research and writing work for magazines, blogs and different online and offline platforms and I am also building a community of Vegan entrepreneurs in Berlin. 


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Would be really happy to hear from you. If you have questions, thoughts, ideas or any other comment. 

Photo by Annie Spratt 

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