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M.A thesis

My M.A thesis was focused on the luxury jewelry supply chain and the implementation of sustainability, traceability and circularity within the industry practice.


The vision of the project was glorifying luxury jewelry by reaffirming the core values that this industry was built on - quality, craftsmanship, durability - while adding transparency to the process from A’ to Z’.

Offering the whole supply chain of luxury jewelry an alternative, and the opportunity to take responsibility while thinking about the future of the industry and the world.

The mission of the project was to build a methodology based on in-depth research and interviews with key participants in the luxury jewelry industry. The methodology will be planned in a consultative framework that would support and encourage luxury brands to transform their design and production to be more transparent. While using transparency as a marketing, sales and PR  tool to achieve a more sustainable and holistic system and products. By redefining the value system of brands and promoting the core ethics to consumers in an attractive way these brands could gain their unique selling point.

The collection was inspired by ariel photos of mines taken by a German photographer called Tom Hagen. The images influence the collection both in shapes and color pallete.


While researching this topic I couldn't find any comment about implementing circular strategies in the jewelry industry. In contradiction to the fact that metals in general and gold especially is the best recyclable material.... so I build the circular model thinking about different links along the supply chain that could structure the recycling opportunities.


From offering small repair services to luxury products up until customization options to add emotional connectivity between the wearer and the item, making it fit the consumer aspirations and of course encourage consumers using incentives to return unwanted products or valuable materials to be re-created

The circular jewelry model.jpg
necklace- detail.jpg
necklace- detail3.jpg
necklace- detail2.jpg



Would be really happy to hear from you. If you have questions, thoughts, ideas or any other comment. 

Photo by Annie Spratt 

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