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I am Inspired by the Dead Sea- this is why this sustainable fashion collection reflects the uniqueness of this natural site while highlighting extreme environmental problems that surround this site.

My Dead 


The collection is inspired by the dead sea in Israel, which is really unique site in the world and a place I truly love. The area is damaged because of serious environmental problems and it's decreasing and shrinking mainly because of industries using the salty water there and of course global warming that affects this water source.
All the garments are made out of leftovers of organic cotton, that were upcycled, then sewn with an organic cotton thread and last they were hand-dyed with natural indigo without any chemicals.

DK 004.jpg
DK 005.jpg
DK 003.jpg
DK 002.jpg
DK 008.jpg
DK 006.jpg
DK 009.jpg
DK 010.jpg
DK 007.jpg
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