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After being a jewelry & accesories designer for more then 10 years creating collections, customized items, presenting in exhibitions and tradeshows here is an assortment of my work through the years.


DIY sustainable kits for SpoonFlower waste fabrics

Create a solution for SpoonFlower that would be easy to
implement in their company while creating a good use for the waste white fabric. Collaboration with artisanal communities in Europe using 4 different textile techniques


Botanical journey

Nature has been my most significant and immediate inspiration since I began designing. Its opulence never ceases to strike and enliven me. I created this series of botanical interpretations as a homage to these wonders of creation.

botanical journey.jpg

The Squill Collection

The ubiquitous squill bloom commands the Israeli fall, its deep colors, and distinguished shapes amaze the eye. They duly deserve their recognition as “nature’s royalty”. This is my interpretation of this magnificent phenomenon.

squill collection.jpg
my africa.jpg

My Africa

These tops are part of a limited collection inspired by my travels in Africa. The people, colors, shapes, rhythm, temperature and flavors of the continent informed this creation. My inspiration led me to use organic cotton as a basic fabric for these tops, as well as reused materials and ready-mades.

from my closet.jpg

From my closet

This series of collars emerged from a desire to reincarnate clothes that have lost their favor. Each of the garments was interpreted into a different collar, inspired by its unique qualities.

Over the bridge |

B.A Final collection

…and I saw the tree outside the window, beyond my desk, blooming after a hard and cold winter. Now, as it gives its red strawberries, it is my time to give my fruits too.
The moon and the stars provided light, while the trees and foliage countered with a physical presence, inspiring this collection. This collection explores the interplay of light and darkness employing a variety of forms and materials.

over the bridge.jpg
walking in the forest.jpg

Walking in the forest

My colleague (Gili Doliner) and I were enchanted by the feeling of walking through a forest during nighttime catching fireflies, and created these accessories to reinterpret an abstract sensation of magic into form.



Would be really happy to hear from you. If you have questions, thoughts, ideas or any other comment. 

Photo by Annie Spratt 

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