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Sustainable Articles

Since the beginning of 2019 I have been writing about sustainability in different platforms. From June 2019 onwards I am an official sustainability in fashion writer in Luxiders Magazine. 

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In the loop - Circular diamonds for Rapaport magazine

Circularity is based on better design and long-term planning. Circular business models can generate consumer loyalty and high traction to brands worldwide. At the same time, circularity creates new and diverse profit channels, helping ensure the continuity of the industry while protecting the natural resources it relies on.

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Rapaport magazine


Why Burberry insists on being Sustainable?

Burberry group is Britain's largest luxury label headquartered in London, England. The brand is well known for its heritage and iconic trench coats, with its signature plaid that’s probably the most iconic in the world. Burberry’s current strategy highlights their goals for 2022, which include taking steps to protect the planet and make sure those in their supply chain and communities surrounding it experience a positive impact from working with the company. 

Photo by  Burberry

A designer's role in an era of climate change and endless consumption

This is my POV on design and designers roll these days when the planet that we are so dependent on is in real trouble.
As designers, our work should reflect what’s going on currently in the world and we should aim to solve relevant problems like the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and much more sustainable challenges.


Photo by Danielle Keller Aviram


Louis Vuitton: Sustainability Agenda and Action-Plan

As the Covid-19 crisis continues and almost half of the population around the world is constrained to their homes without being able to move around the globe it’s hard to talk about anything else. This crisis is definitely impacting everyone- everywhere, the luxury industry as well, with shops, factories, and ateliers being closed and sales dropping rapidly. Still, many luxury companies are trying to do the right thing in this situation, for example, Louis Vuitton our focus for this article.

Photo by  Louis Vuitton

Vivienne Westwood, The First Political And Climate Change Luxury Brand

Vivienne Westwood is associated with sustainability and climate change for more than ten years now, even before sustainability was a topic found on every newspaper and television channel around the world. One of the most famous quotes connected to sustainable fashion is made by Vivienne – Buy less, choose well, make it last. Let's see how much has she provide to a better sustainable luxury world.


Photo by Vivienne Westwood

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The Sustainability Plan of HUGO BOSS | Sustainable Luxury Series

It seems that HUGO BOSS with its brands BOSS and HUGO remains aesthetically relevant and trendy. But what about sustainability? This article is based on answers  provided by HUGO BOSS and additional content was added through investigative research.

Photo by Hugo Boss

How Sustainable is Stella McCartney? | Sustainable Luxury Series

How sustainable is Stella McCartney? One of the first things seen in Stella McCartney's website just before Christmas 2019 was a statement about the brand’s commitment to creating the first vegan Stan Smith's sneakers highlighting the uniqueness of this collaboration between the queen of vegetarian luxury brands and the king of the white sneakers.

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Photo by Stella McCartney

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Is Gucci a Sustainable Brand? | Sustainable Luxury Series

Gucci is probably one of the most exciting luxury brands these days. Influential, innovative and progressive, Gucci is reinventing a modern approach to fashion. Under the new creative director Alessandro Michele, the House has redefined luxury for the 21st century, further reinforcing its position as one of the world’s most desirable fashion houses. Eclectic, contemporary, romantic—Gucci products represent the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail with a unique aesthetic language. With its spectacular catwalks, unique designs and special hand-writing, this is why we decided to start our investigation into sustainability in the luxury industry series with Gucci. In terms of aesthetics, Gucci is always trendy and on-point but are they up to date with the sustainability trend as well?

Photo by Gucci

A New Decade for Sustainable Fashion at Neonyt 2020

Its been over ten years that NEONYT (previously The Green Showroom) is happening alongside the Berlin Fashion Week events and trade shows twice a year. The event is aiming to be the main one worldwide focussing on sustainable fashion. This year in a new location at the old Templehof Airport. The airport has been a symbol of freedom since the Berlin airlifts of 1948-1949 that flew from the airport filled with basic supply to the western part of Berlin that was an isolated island in the middle of what was then East Germany. Does this new location mean there is a new fresh airwave around the area of sustainable fashion?

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Photo by Andreas Rentz


The First World Gold Day

The topic of sustainability is in the headlines in the past years from many different angles and industries but for some reason the gold and jewelry industry are still not part of this revolution yet. The footprint of the jewelry industry is still not something discussed in primetime or popular media althought we need and use many products that could be found almost in every house around the world that contain gold in them.

Photo by World Gold Day

What’s behind the recent Climate Strikes?

A total of over 7.6 million protested during the week of Global Climate Strikes around the world. Just as a comparison the same amount of people were present on the 2003 anti-Iraq war protest. These two are the largest coordinated global protests in History. From September 20th to 27th, millions of people of all backgrounds, ages, regions, and faiths came together in all corners of the globe calling for climate action. More than 6,100 events were held in 185 countries, with the support of 73 Trade Unions, 820 civil society organizations, 3,000 companies, and 8,500 websites. What will be the consequences?


Photo by William Bossen 


Top 10 sustainable home decor brands

Photo by We are studio studio

According to Legatum Institute in the UK, one in every 30 people (based on a report from 2017), were living outside their country of birth, this sums up to 258 million people. These numbers are growing every year and this means that more people then ever are starting new lives in different countries around the world like never before. This lifestyle supplies many great experiences and adventures but can increase drastically the consumption of home decor products.

Sustainable Luxury: Swarovski new sustainability report 2019

In the last almost 10 years Swarovski has been dealing with corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues. In 2010 the company published for the first time a C.S.R report and from 2013 onwards, every two years the company publishes a detailed sustainabilty report sharing its strategy and actions around this topic.  In 2017 they refreshed their sustainability strategy and from now onwards it is based around five strategic priorities which represent the areas where Swarovski hope to make the most positive impact. The areas are women's empowerment, water stewardship, fair partnerships, conscious design and sustainable innovation. In order to operate their sustainability strategy, the company developed a series of initiatives and programs. According to the company this strategy not only puts its employees’ wellbeing at heart but also that of the environment and society as a whole.


Photo by Swarovski


Is ‘circularity’ the next target of this industry?

Photo by IDEX magazine 

This article about sustainable jewelry is co-authored with Ya'akov AlmorThis summer, a remarkable news item caught our attention. LVMH, the Paris - headquartered French multinational luxury goods conglomerate, confirmed it had acquired a stake in the Stella McCartney fashion house.


On her website, McCartney writes:
“We believe that the future of fashion is circular – it will be restorative and regenerative by design and the clothes we love never end up as waste. We want to completely reimagine the fashion industry as we know it and move to
a new circular economy.”

Part 3: Circular Jewelry: An approach to doing 
better business

This is the second part of the series about circular jewelry co-authored with Estelle Levin- Nelly.

Companies can build circularity into both their products (e.g. recycling metals) and their operations (e.g. recycling water). Here are some ideas for introducing circularity into your jewelry business.

Product Circularity

Cycling materials require new linkages all along the supply chain as part of the design, procurement, production, marketing, and postconsumer phases. We covered sustainable design in our last blog, so let’s explore the other phases here.


Photo by Danielle Keller Aviram


Part 2:Sustainable design is the key to circular jewelry

Photo by Danielle Keller Aviram

This is the second part of the series about circular jewelry co-authored with Estelle Levin- Nelly. The practice of circularity is focused on and grounded in the technosphere - a human construct designed to support the conversion of raw materials for human consumption beyond our simple survival needs of food and water. Cycling materials only happens with human intervention. The intentional design of a system to maximize materials efficiency is what separates circularity from sustainability, and will be our focus for this blog.

Part 1:How can jewelry 
be circular? 

Many industries are embedding circularity into product design and company operations as strategies for improving resource efficiencies, reducing carbon and water footprints, and as part of the transition to a green economy. Busy jewelers may already by buying into the circular economy when they’re connecting to Instagram on their Fairphone or sipping a cup of Nespresso at the workbench. In this three-part series Estelle Levin-Nally and Danielle, Keller Aviram considers what circularity means for jewelry and how jewelers can build circularity into their operations and product lifecycle.


Photo by Danielle Keller Aviram


What’s going on in sustainable denim?

Photo by Nudie Jeans Co

With denim being one of the most worn and used items in any closet around the world for many years, one can wonder what is the impact of this international garment. On one hand it is a product made out of cotton, it is durable, comfortable and of course timeless. On the other hand there have been more and more articles and researchs around the world explore the impacts of this product and industry.

Ethical Fashion Brands focused on Craftmanship

The more we travel worldwide, side by side to the presence of the internet that can send us in seconds anywhere we want in the world and being exposed to remote communities that has their own products, with their own aesthetics it is more common to derive inspiration and techniques from different cultures. Sidelong to the search for new, innovative and remote inspiration many designers, makers and brands are walking on the fine line between derive inspiration and using remote communities aesthetics, craftsmanship and artisanal skills and techniques in an inappropriate manner.


Photo by Abury


Water: How to solve a scarcity crisis

Photo by Ecoalf

Our Earth is covered with around two-thirds of its surface in water. Without water, there would be no agriculture, no industry, and no life. The question that is starting to bother many people around the world from different industries is- what happens when water becomes scarce?

Thoughts about the future of sustainable retail after Neonyt

Today, consumers are more demanding of brands when it comes to their customer journeys and they walk into the store and worry about global warming, GMOs and packaging. The fears of our shopper are an opportunity and not a hussle. This article is focused on the future of retail or the place of sustainability within the retail experience.


Photo by SABINNA's packaging


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